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Allen continued to make movies throughout both scandals, and his career and reputation have remained largely unscathed.

In his most recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in anticipation of the premiere of his new film, "Cafe Society," Allen was asked about how his wife Oh, well, one of the great experiences of my life has been my wife.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published on Wednesday, Woody Allen has yet again waxed paternal about his marriage to wife (and former sort-of-adopted-daughter) Soon-Yi Previn.

Spoiler alert: the entire interview is all kinds of creepy and condescending.

Asked whether he had any reservations about embarking on a relationship with Previn, Allen said “I didn’t have reservations because I had–it was a totally separate thing. Those people that feel–they want to feel that it’s–it’s questionable and not their taste or they–she’s too young for me or she’s Mia’s daughter, and–or whatever they want to think, I’ll take that heat. I accept all the criticism that they want, you know, that–it’s my life and it’s Soon-Yi’s life and I–I accept that.

Wha–what I’m getting at here is there has been an attempt to link my relationship with Soon–Soon-Yi with charges of child molestation. That does not mean that I should be charged with child molestation.”Woody Allen, legal testimony, 1993In 1993, Mia Farrow and Woody Allen waged an intense custody battle in the courts, during which time Allen testified about his relationship with Previn. There was no scandal, but people refer to it all the time as a scandal and I kind of like that in way because when I go I would like to say I had one real juicy scandal in my life.”Woody Allen, PBS, 2011In 2011, PBS aired an intensive documentary on Woody Allen, during which Allen openly spoke about his affair with Previn.

Here’s a look at the ways Previn and Allen have described their relationship in rare interviews over the years.

“I’m 35 years older, and somehow, through no fault of mine or hers, the dynamic worked,” the 79-year-old director told NPR in an interview published Wednesday. She responded to someone who was paternal.” “She deferred to me, and I was happy to give her an enormous amount of decision-making just as a gift and let her take charge of so many things,” he continued. It was just a good luck thing.” But the couple holds contradictory views on why their relationship worked.“I started the relationship with her and I thought it would just be a fling.It wouldn’t be serious, but it had a life of its own. Then we started going together, then we started living together, and we were enjoying it. It seemed to work in our favor actually,” Allen said of their romance.She took them, and outstripped me in certain areas that I showed her,” he continued. It’s like the trace vitamin not being in your body.It’s a tiny little thing, but if you don’t have it you die.” Acknowledging that it’s often said that relationships require “work,” Allen candidly disagreed with the idea.

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