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Many come from specialized types of shorthand, such as military activities, scientific work, or medical terminology.

Both propositions, I would argue, are true: science-fiction writers have been writing about machine translators for decades now, but only, it seems to me, because they (at least those working in English) are not really interested in how languages work, how human translators develop translation skills, how a working machine translator might be developed.

If you've ever had a frustrating experience with an Amazon chat support worker you'll sympathize with Chris Williams. YOU SUGGEST I DELETE MY EMAIL (HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HELP?

He was worried that someone named "Brittni" was "phishing" his email address — that is, trying to reverse engineer his identity from his email for the purposes of fraud. I got mis information in here.let me handle this for you..


farah:okay..i will refer you to our account specialist do this account you want to be deleted okay..

At one point "Farah" began addressing Williams as "maam," even though he is a man. Here was our experience: To Ravinder's credit, he did answer my question, though not without trying to give me a canned answer first. (We contacted Amazon for comment but did not immediately hear back.) But still, dealing with Amazon felt like the opposite of dealing with Zappos (the shoe and apparel company owned by Amazon). How can I help you today Me: Someone created an account using my gmail account but with a "." in it. Chris Williams farah: May I know the account holder please.. Im so sorry for taking a long time to wait on this okay..? Me:noi don't need you to reset my password farah: OH OKAY.. Me:i need you to delete this "ct.willi [email protected]" account because it is not mine.please don't change my password.

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Once there, I can only type a few words at a time before I have to wait for it to catch up. Its unfair and decriminates the Windows phone, very neglectful While I am grateful for support on the windows platform, I believe this app has been neglected for the last few updates. Everything takes far too long to load, and the app often freezes up while loading a profile picture.

Furthermore, I have to close the app and restart between every message. It seems to run everything else just fine, but gets completely bogged down by this resource intensive app. The content of the profile also will often times not load until the picture is finished.

I'm disappointed that I have to uninstall permanently. I can't send messages or stay on the app for too long. The app crashes often, especially when moving through messages and profiles in succession.

Some sort of box that intrepid space explorers lug around with them.

A hearing-aid-like thing that they put in their ears, which somehow magically makes it possible for them to understand everything the bug-eyed monsters say and to speak BEMese.

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In 1992 Tara Rinpoche helped to organise two exhibitions about Tibet (Culture form the noble land at the University library in Maribor and at the art gallery Insula, Ljubljana).

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at an elevation of 2,231 feet (680 m) above sea level.