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Install Snow Leopard right on top of your existing Leopard install.Apple recommends this, and in most cases it’ll be an easy, painless upgrade.: Here’s what you should do: wipe your drive and start from scratch.That sounds radical, we know, but we’re such big fans of this option that we actually do this every six-months, wether or not there is an OS upgrade to be performed.You’ll be amazed how snappy your ‘old’ Mac is when it’s starting on a pristine new disk.Ingredients After you’ve cleaned up all your redundant files, now it’s time to ‘sweep’ your disk.

We'll tackle the downgrade question a bit later in this guide.Can I upgrade or downgrade to Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)?OS X Snow Leopard is considered the last version of the operating system that was predominantly designed without major influences from i OS devices, such as the i Pad and i Phone.post clarified regarding the "gotofail" bug, which is not present in Snow Leopard and did not require a security patch.Snow Leopard has been a wonderful operating system for Macs, but more than four years into its life span, Apple is posed to send it to the Home for Elderly Felines.

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Known for his spontaneous hosting style, which has been characterized as "awkward, self-deprecating humor", O'Brien's late-night programs combine the "lewd and wacky with more elegant, narrative-driven short films (remotes)".

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Install Snow Leopard right on top of your existing Leopard install.

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