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I’m a 22-year-old Kanye West "Stan" and avid sneakerhead.

You might not be aware of it, but America's "credit card"--our national debt--comes with its own disclosure statement: Here's a chart of America's credit card: clearly, any credit line expanding this fast will bankrupt the borrower, regardless of their income. explains how debt/interest is the underlying engine of rising income/wealth disparity: Also, keep in mind that one does not have to have an outstanding loan to be a net payer of interest.Showin up, wait baby hol' up Her love shawty know I really need that Can't live without it I need rehab From the pretty lipstick thinking how the waist sits, so thick Man that ass need a D cal, May weather with the stick at the Beat down throw it back I'm a snatch ya like a rebound, Buss that Yeah shawty like a grey hound, what up doe lil mama from the D town girl I need your love it's like fresh air kick it with a young Prince like bel air just as long as you never do a farewell, they steal, but They'll never get to touch still, see you bad as hell and they know it Fresh up outta the shower with that lotion, bend it over you Might cause a commotion reminiscin how I'm swimming in your ocean Go ahead lil mama cut the swag up on em with the fly red bottoms, me And you make sense get them other boys pissed, cause they already got er, Cause I need that love, swear it's something like a drug, come fucks with a thug from the bed to the tub [Chorus] [Ace Hood:] That's right shawty welcome to the good life We can do dinner time if the mood right on the Water with the stars and the moonlight I Deserve that love you the wife type Make sense I'm a boss and you need that Upgraded, hand bags, baby burkin Credit cards going hard up in neimans Like Camron bay I really mean it, Ha that's my sense of humour and See I'm like really Tryna pursue you but I know your last boyfriend was a loser and I Ain't lying I'm just way more cooler Ha, I'm a Fly young man take ya anywhere wanna I'm the Guy can hoping for that chance I can give you my time For your love in advance, and that's all I demand so Shawty watcha sayin, money ain't a thang lil mama You can trip to the land we ain't even gotta plan, put Ya feet in the sand and it's back to the suite, no sleep in The bed, straight freak in the sheets I'm a beast with The D so D, damn [Chorus] [Ace Hood:] Girl you killin em hoes (I know it) Watch ya walk by (wait for it) Ya that ass looking perfect Girl look at how you work it You ain't even have to pay for it (I know it) Uh flying in that jeep truck With the doors off, top off can you take yours?Hip-hop and sneakers have always had a symbiotic relationship. Having the right kicks became a symbol of status, an extension of the artist, and even a key exertion of dominance (see Rick Ross).[Intro: Kyle Lil Yachty] Man, fuck What's wrong Kyle? You damn right I'm right, I can't remember a time I was god-damn wrong Man, thanks, Lil' Boat Hey man, that's what I'm here for[Verse 1: Kyle] I ain't been gettin' high...Man, these kids, man, talkin' shit, makin' me feel bad Man, fuck them kids, bro! Well maybe a little, baby I don't wanna lie I know when you text me girl, I don't always reply Well you're not an angel either, you can't even fly I notice, you think that you know shit All this shade that's comin' at me, I wonder who throws it They can't see the vision, boy they must be out of focus That's a real hot album homie, I wonder who wrote it, oh shit Otay, pray them niggas go away Always hella clowns around it look like Cirque Du Soleil This is not the album either, these are just the throwaways This shit still so cold when it drop, it's gonna be a mothafuckin' snow day Ayy, boy is good and he knows it, he don't say it, he shows it I'm just like De Rozan, if I shoot it, it goes in I am in Cali just coastin', get 'em so wet they need coasters I got a selfie with Oprah, I just ain't never post it And I'm in my happy place posted, I ain't frown since '06 I ain't cried since '01, my pad like Six Flags and your house is no fun You can come back to mine though, your friend ain't cute but it's fine though We gon' end on a high note[Chorus: Kyle] I spy with my little eye A girlie I can get 'cause she don't get too many likes A curly-headed cutie I can turn into my wife Wait, that means forever, ever, hold up, never mind Oh, I spy with my little eye A girlie I can get 'cause she don't get too many likes A curly-headed cutie I can turn into my wife Wait, that means forever, ever, hold up, never mind[Refrain: Kyle] Oh I, I spy with my little eye I spy, I spy with my little eye Oh I, I spy with my little eye I spy, I spy with my little eye Oh I...[Verse 2: Lil Yachty] She said she 21, I might have to I. that All my bitches come in pairs like balls in my nutsack I remember ridin' around the city in a Hatchback Lookin' for a problem with my young goblins I'ma send a model home with her neck throbbin' I done made so much money that it's non-stoppin' Got my brothers on my back like the last name I remember tellin' everyone I couldn't be tamed Woah, six months later I had snapped and now I'm in the game Went from fake chains to diamonds in another lane Went from "Can you take me here?

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If that special lady catches your eye, send her a wink or a flirty message.

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They want something more: a meaningful relationship is often the aim, and that’s where we can help.

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Buy websites, make them profitable and start on the right foot to becoming rich.

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The story had been an attention-grabbing squealer of a trend piece that left readers’ eyes popped with repulsion: Here were the public woes of New York babes in their 20s and 30s whose former high-earning boyfriends had once wined and dined them but now were depressed and moody.

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They want something more: a meaningful relationship is often the aim, and that’s where we can help.

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That is not what comedy is for 99 per cent of comedians.

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The night before, the iconic Wall Street brokerage house Merrill Lynch was rescued from the brink by Bank of America.