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A wonted use it is, that men of likely sort, (I wot not by what fury forced) envy each other's port.

So these, whose egall state bred envy pale of hue, And then, of grudging envy's root, black hate and rancour grew As, of a little spark, oft riseth mighty fire, So of a kindled spark of grudge, in flames flash out their ire: And then their deadly food, first hatched of trifling strife, Did bathe in blood of smarting wounds; it reavéd breath and life, No legend lie I tell, scarce yet their eyes be dry, That did behold the grisly sight, with wet and weeping eye But when the prudent prince, who there the sceptre held, So great a new disorder in his commonweal beheld; By gentle mean he sought, their choler to assuage; And by persuasion to appease, their blameful furious rage.

And thrilled they kept Romeo and Juliet fully clothed and “chaste” in the bedroom scene. Maybe it’s a mistake to attend Fun House shows on opening night. Clare Floyd De Vries’ set is exquisitely detailed in every way, as many of her architecturally envisioned and executed sets are.

Did you see the one kid dressed in purple as a court jester with a bouncy white feather in his hat? Freestanding set pieces, including the burial platform in the final scene, don’t tie in with the lush, painted flats and backgrounds.

There is so much with work with here, we're going to split the topic up over two newsletters – this month we'll look at themes and go through the play act by act and then next month we'll focus on character and language.

Tragedy: A dramatic piece dealing with a serious, tragic theme with an unhappy ending.

When I look back at what I've done in the past for the Spotlight newsletters, my favourite ones are the Analysis and Exercise issues. It was always my favourite part of acting (more so than the actual performing itself, which made me come to grips with the fact that I am not an actor).

This time when I reviewed which plays I've done for the newsletter, I realized I have never done an in-depth look at a Shakespeare play! This is Part One of an analysis and exercises issue for this often studied play, often performed in high schools – .

Grandpa can snap a cute picture of his cherished grandchild acting like furniture in a cumbersome costume on a meticulously detailed, realistic set that offers obstructed views to audience members not seated down front in the center section. The one by that English guy who probably didn’t exist? But cherished grandchild looks so cute in his/her physically restricting costume. Glad they didn’t make the swordplay look authentic…somebody might get hurt. It was one of the best “Hamlet” productions I’ve seen, ever; and I’ve seen MANY of them, by adults, some of them even professionals.

But they come from families which hate each other, and know they will not be allowed to marry.

They are so much in love they marry in secret instead.

He is loyal to his friends, but his behavior is somewhat unpredictable.

At the beginning of the play, he mopes over his hopeless unrequited love for Rosaline.

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Omegle has gotten with the program in the sense that they have a moderated section (for ages 17 and under, or just for those who want good, clean fun), and an unmoderated section where it is inevitable that you will run into chatters who are nude and/or performing sexual acts.