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The story has gone like this: While we can find a cluster of roughly two dozen societies on the Tibetan plateau in which polyandry exists as a recognized form of mating, those societies count as anomalous within humankind.

And because polyandry doesn't exist in most of the world, if you could jump into a time machine and head back thousands of years, you probably wouldn't find polyandry in our evolutionary history.

(Source 1 | Source 2) The first portion of this Mardudjara Aboriginal rite involves a barbaric circumcision followed by the circumcised male ingesting his own foreskin.

From then on, the male will urinate from the underside of his penis instead of the urethra.

Instead, for each topic we present the strongest and most compelling arguments and explanations from both the critics and the defenders of the Church.

It is then up to the reader to decide where the preponderance of the evidence lies and which side has dealt more fairly with the issue.

The marriage of all brothers in a family to the same wife allows plots of family-owned land to remain intact and undivided." In other cultures, it appears that a man may arrange a second husband (again, frequently his brother) for his wife because he knows that, when he must be absent, the second husband will protect his wife -- and thus his interests.

And if she gets impregnated while Husband #1 is gone, it will be by someone of whom he has approved in advance.

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"(Brad) has confided in Jen," the source continued.

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And we talk about the word isotope in the chemistry playlist. But this number up here can change depending on the number of neutrons you have. And every now and then-- and let's just be clear-- this isn't like a typical reaction. So instead of seven protons we now have six protons. And a proton that's just flying around, you could call that hydrogen 1. If it doesn't gain an electron, it's just a hydrogen ion, a positive ion, either way, or a hydrogen nucleus. And so this carbon-14, it's constantly being formed. I've just explained a mechanism where some of our body, even though carbon-12 is the most common isotope, some of our body, while we're living, gets made up of this carbon-14 thing.

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I saw that as the woman making a mistake or being stupid enough to fall for a guy like that.

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I first heard about “yellow fever” during elementary school after a few guys mentioned it.

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But, regardless of the outcome, the big thing is, like a parking ticket, the charge doesn’t show up on an individual’s record.

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The relationship quickly intensified, and Schuster fell hard, emailing multiple times each day.

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