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In Germany, cabaret songs could be satirical, erotic or sentimental and later took on a strongly political slant Fernando Ortiz counted the presence of over one hundred different African ethnic groups in nineteenth-century Cuba, and estimated that by the end of that century fourteen distinct "nations" had preserved their identity in the mutual aid associations and social clubs known as cabildos, societies of free and enslaved blacks from the same African 'nation', which later included their Cuban-born descendants.

Soon after Emancipation in 1886, cabildos were required to adopt the name of a Catholic patron saint, to register with local church authorities and when dissolved, to transfer their property to the Catholic Church.

This results in reduced costs with increased product quality.

Neutrons from a research reactor can interact with atoms in a sample causing the emission of gamma rays which, when analysed for characteristic energies and intensity, will identify the types and quantities of elements present.

from French m., literally 'tavern') cabar (Spanish m.), a form of entertainment featuring comedy, song, dance, and theatre, distinguished mainly by the performance venue - a restaurant or nightclub with a stage for performances and the audience sitting around the tables (often dining or drinking) watching the performance.

This is graphically illustrated in a chart on pages 36–37: man’s existence is in such a tiny segment at the end of a 5-billion-year time-line that it has to be diagrammatically magnified twice to show up.First, Sedimentary rocks are formed when solid materials carried by wind and water accumulate in layers and then are compressed by overlying deposits.Sedimentary rocks sometimes contain fossils formed from the parts of organisms deposited along with other solid materials.The cabildos not only preserved specific African practices, their members also creatively reunited and resynthesized many regional African traditions, some, as in the case of the Yoruba, long separated by migration and war(English, French m.) a small, private room where works of art, valuables and curiosities were kept and contemplated at leisure; over time the term was used for the collections themselves.Renaissance cabinets played an important role in the development of museums and art galleriesa 4 by 5 1/2" photograph, usually on thin albumen or carbon paper, pasted to a rigid 4 1/4 by 6 1/2" colour board to prevent curling.

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Having a passion is good not only for our minds but bodies as well.

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Maria Hudolin Past ADG (L) and Irene Sottile (R), Assistant District Governor 5580 are flanking Colin Bruce, recipient of a prestigious Paul Harris #3 pin.

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You disgust me." Fortunately the affair never became public and he didn't have to testify.

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You will keep the feeling of revenge against them in your heart.