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Hai, Nichanan Tadkaew, Sara Gilbertson, and Long Nghiem Strategy content and process in the context of e-business performance, Tim R. Devinney, and Y Doz Strategy for high-accuracy-and-precision retrieval of atmospheric methane from the mid-infrared FTIR network, Nicholas B. Tieu, Weihua Sun, Hejie Li, and Dongbin Wei Surface roughness micro deformation and transfer of bulk steel in hot rolling, Zhengyi Jiang, Jianning Tang, A K. Viney, Chris Metcalfe, and David A Winter The effectiveness of phytosterol prescription in free-living hypercholesterolaemic outpatients, Craig S. Tapsell, and Peter Williams The effectiveness of short term in-country study/work programs, Noriko Dethlefs 'The Effectiveness of the lllawarra Drink Driving Program'— Interim Report for NSW Drug and Alcohol Authority, John W. S Hadi The effect of corporate competitive capabilities and supply chain operational capabilities on Malaysian SMEs: a conceptual framework, Nelson Perera, Ferry Jie, and Siti Nur 'Atikah Zulkiffli The effect of counterfactual priming on women's decisions regarding mammography screening, Amy Y. Cook The effect of diffusible hydrogen on tensile properties of high strength steel bead-on-plate weldments, Rian Holdstock, David J. Mc Lean The integration of lean six sigma, Matthew P. Spedding The integration of mindfulness training and health coaching: An exploratory study, Anthony M Grant, Michael Cavanagh, and Gordon B.Jones, R Sussmann, M Rettinger, and F Forster Link Strategy for the Design of Optimal Industrial Sieve Trays, Judy A. Koshiro, P Ricaud, and D Murtagh Strengthening the link between policy formulation and implementation of Indigenous health policy directions, Anna Matthews, Lisa Pulver, and Ian T. Dou Stress field measurements in slug flow pneumatic conveying, Peter W. Tieu, Weihua Sun, and Dongbin Wei Surface roughness transformation and deformation of the scale of hot rolling, A. Patterson and G Lake The effectiveness of the R&D / marketing working relationship during NPD projects, Elias Kyriazis The effective quality manager, Alaa Garad The effect of #180 fenitrothion exposure on a variety of physiological indices, including avian aerobic metabolism during exercise and cold exposure, William A. Fildes The effect of a low glycemic index diet during pregnancy on obstetric outcomes, Robert G. Chan, Jing wang, and Peter Caputi The effect of cylinder surface condition on the vortex-induced vibration response of offshore structures, Brad Stappenbelt The effect of dairy consumption on blood pressure in mid-childhood: CAPS cohort study, A M. Nolan, and Zoran Sterjovski The effect of d,l-methamphetamine on simulated driving performance, Beata Y. Spence The interaction of body armor, low-intensity exercise, and hot-humid conditions on physiological strain and cognitive function, Joanne N. Kumarasinghe, and Gye-Won Hong The MNA, but not the DETERMINE, screening tool is a valid indicator of nutritional status in elderly Africans, Karen E.To ensure the availability of the Digital Library we can not allow these types of requests to continue.

Tingey -- Geological history of the Archaean Napier Complex of Enderby Land / L.

As I rounded the corner for the last 100 metres to my unit complex, dusk fell softly and the setting sun burnished the Brisbane River.

In the last moments of the dying day, from nowhere my thoughts suddenly settled on my father.

Arnold Stochastic price modelling of high volatility, mean-reverting, spike-prone commodities: The Australian wholesale electricity market, Andrew C. Chowdhury, and Janette Ellis Stormwater quality of natural catchments, Muttucumaru Sivakumar Storying: dream and deployment, Merlinda Bobis Storying: dream and deployment, Merlinda C. Kervin Supporting recovery orientated services for people with severe mental illness, Frank P. Monaghan and Liang Chen The distributions of thermal and psychological sweating: challenging some persistent teachings, Nigel A. Taylor and Christiano Machado-Moreira The dopamine b-hydroxylase 19 bp insertion/deletion polymorphism was associated with first-episode but not medicated chronic schizophrenia, Li Hui, Xuan Zhang, Xu-Feng Huang, Mei Han, Francesca Fernandez, Yaqin Yu, Shi Long Sun, Wenjun Li, Da Chun Chen, Mei Hong Xiu, Thomas R. Roth, Anke Ehlers, and T Ehring The Dutch East-India Company and accounting for social capital at the dawn of modern capitalism 1602-1623, Jeffrey Robertson and Warwick Funnell The Dynamics of Resource-Based Economic Development: Evidence from Australia and Norway, Simon Ville and Olav Wicken The Dynamics of Search Engine Marketing for Tourist Destinations, Bing Pan, Zheng Xiang, Rob Law, and Daniel Fesenmaier The dynamics of trans-regional business and national politics: The impact of events in China on Fujian-Singapore tea trading networks, 1920-1960, Jason Lim The dynamics of virtual teams, Norhayati Zakaria and Shafiz A. Hannif Link The increasing incidence of suicide: economic development, individualism, and social integration, Gregory Scott, Joseph V. Deane The independence of memory traces of attended and unattended stimuli, Robert J. Rosenberg The Individual's Role in Changing Personal Health Behaviour, John W. Monaghan, and J Norrish The influence of difference preprocessing methods using artificial neural network shape prediction, Yanbo Chen, Zhengyi Jiang, Hongtao Zhu, A. Sun, and Dongbin Wei The influence of high power diode laser in hybrid laser-controlled dip transfer GMA welding, Justino Mulima, Marcel Hermans, John Norrish, and Paul Di Pietro The influence of infrastructural trust on electronic commerce development in Indonesia, Mira Kartiwi and Robert C.

Worthington and Helen Higgs Stocking Up: Securing our marine economy, Laura Eadie and Caroline Hoisington Stock market and GDP growth volatility spillovers, Indika Karunanayake, Abbas Valadkhani, and Martin O'Brien Stock market reactions and firm performance surrounding CEO succession: antecedents of succession and successor origin, Jong C. Peluchette Stone technology at the Middle Pleistocene site of Mata Menge, Flores, Indonesia, Adam R. Bobis Strain-dependent Regulation of Plasticity-Related Proteins in the Mouse Hippocampus, Friedrich Leisch, G Lubec, S Villar, D Pollak, H Hoeger, K Herkner, and Theresa Scharl Straits of Malacca and Singapore: Ensuring Safe Navigation, Mohd Mohd Rusli Stranded: an eruption of disruption, Thomas Birtchnell and Monika Buscher 'Strandentwining Cable': Joyce, Flaubert, and Intertextuality, John S. Szekeres Strand Surface Cracks - The role of abnormally large prior-austenite grains, Rian J. Deane, Samson Tse, Chris Lloyd, and Geoff Waghorn Supporting reflection on learning with a web environment in Australian preservice teacher education classes, Garry Hoban Supporting the development of pedagogically sound learning environments using learning designs and learning objects, Shirley Agostinho, Susan J. Harper, and Jason Lukasiak Supporting university teachers create pedagogically sound learning environments using learning designs and learning objects, Susan J. Harper, and Jason Lukasiak Supporting university teachers create pedagogically sound learning environments using learning designs and learning objects, Susan J. Harper, and Jason Lukasiak Supporting WIL: A faculty-wide mapping tool at the University of Canberra, C Hungerford and Sharon R. Swiegers, and Leone Spiccia Sustained water oxidation photocatalysis by a bioinspired manganese cluster, Robin Brimblecombe, Gerhard Swiegers, G Charles Dismukes, and Leone Spiccia Sustaining Interest: are green values converting to votes? Taylor Swelling behavior of chitosan hydrogel in ionic liquid-water binary systems, Geoffrey M. Kosten, and Xiang Yang Zhang The double paradox of elementary economics education, Jorge E. Carroll Link The driving cognitions questionnaire: development and preliminary psychometric properties, Frank P. Mohd Affendi The early years of a new assembly: Bethesda Gospel Hall, Singapore, 1864-1914, Jason Lim Link The economic analysis of employee rights, Chris Nyland and Robert Castle The economic cost and control of marine debris damage in the Asia-Pacific region, Alistair Mc Ilgorm, Harry F. Rule The economic imperative for restructuring in Australia and New Zealand, Robert Castle and Nigel Haworth The Economic Summit: a new style in planning for recovery, Robert Castle The economic value of healthy workers, Shirley A. Barry and David Mc Kenzie The Independent Hospital Pricing Authority and mental health services: it is not a case of "one size fits all", Alan Rosen, Patrick D. Patterson The influence of an autonomy-supportive intervention on preservice teacher instruction: a self-determined perspective, Dana Perlman The Influence of Assessment in a Law Program on the Adoption of Deep Study Approaches, E Marchetti The influence of carbon nanotubes on mechanical and electrical properties of polyaniline fibers, G G. Spinks, and Vahid Mottaghitalab The influence of carbon nanotubes on mechanical and electrical properties of polyaniline fibers, Gordon G. Spinks, and Vahid Mottaghitalab The influence of cattle grazing practices on forest understorey structure in north-east NSW., Elizabeth M. Bradstock The influence of community characteristics towards telecentres success, Nor Iadah Yusop, Shafiz Affendi Mohd Affendi, Zahurin Mat Aji, Huda Hj. Macgregor The influence of interpersonal factors on the speed of recovery from major depression, Brin F.

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The Direct Loan program now has a trillion dollar balance, with a yearly increase in the hundreds of billions of dollars being lent to students.

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As part of the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program, selected graduate-level recipients will be invited to participate in a study tour focused on Canadian democratic governance and civil society or other key priority areas.

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The science of human attraction would suggest that you want to find a photo that gives you as young and symmetrical an appearance as possible if you are a woman (bilateral symmetry being an indicator of health and fertility that we are evolutionarily predisposed to seek in a mate), and as wealthy and symmetrical as possible (along with genotype dominant, i.e., brown eyes, dark hair and a strong jaw and brow, if you can manage) if you are a man.

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It's not just the industry experts who are leaping up to give us a standing ovation.