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Ogburn and Nimkoff say that “Accommodation is a term used by sociologists to describe the adjustment of hostile individuals or groups.” Mac Ivr and Page say that “The term accommodation refers particularly to the process in which man attains a sense of harmony with his environment.” Characteristics of Accommodation :- 1. Generally adjustment takes place in two ways adaptation and accommodation. It is a process that emanate between two groups or individuals after the conflict and beginning of the urge for co­operation, sometimes conflicting individuals feel that conflict is harmful and they develop a habit of adjustment. Park and Burgess have said that human social organisation is fundamentally the result of an accommodation of conflicting elements. Disputants that work cooperatively to negotiate a solution are more likely to develop a relationship of trust and come up with mutually beneficial options for settlement.The mutual gains approach is considered a constructive resolution process.This is a rare moment where academics, entrepreneurs, journalists and politicians are united in fear, wonder and expectation.

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The question of accommodation arises only when there is some kind of conflict. It may be conscious or unconscious activity :- Man’s adjustment with the social environment is mostly unconscious. Accommodation becomes conscious only when conflicting individuals or groups make deliberate attempt to end conflict and work together. It is a continuous process :- The process of accommodation is not confined to any particular time or individual. Throughout life one has to accommodate to various situations. It is a universal process :- No society can function effectively or smoothly in a continuous state of conflict. Therefore, accommodation is found in every society and all the time. It is a associative social process :- Accommodation is one of the associative social processes, which brings unity and integrity in the society. It strengthens the mutual relationship on individuals and groups. Accommodation is the mixture of both love and hate :- Accommodation is a combination of the attitudes of love and hate. At its core, negotiation involves a fundamental tension between whether parties feel they need to cooperate or compete in order to achieve their goals.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948) entered the Indian political scene as a prominent figure only in 1916 but by 1919 he emerged as one of the most significant national leaders.

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Our site contains explicit material and may contain extreme sexual content, such as role playing scenarios which in real life may be considered as illegal or morally wrong by some.

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New details surrounding Chelsea Handler's projects emerged during Tuesday's Netflix panel at the Television Critics Association press tour on Tuesday.

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The same cannot be said about Scottish men, I'm afraid.

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