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Thank you Amanda and Bandcamp for working to fix the music industry. and if you find yourself without me if you find yourself without me c'mon find yourself without me c'mon c'mon c'mon and take your listerine i remember golden days when all this was a mystery and you could write a letter then or god forbid come visit me i remember golden days when all this was a mystery and you could write a letter then or god forbid come visit me and if you find yourself without me if you find yourself without me c'mon c'mon c'mon and take your listerine i've been feeling dull as a coat hanger pretty as a picture of patient on a fresh iv giddy as a gangbanger with a set of sutures where his magic johnson ought to be yes i'll tell you just the thing you need to be the next big thing let's start in with a test of your intelligence and zest for the counter-productive up and down and roundabout and out the back and keep your mouth shut tight the lights are staying out but no sweat i've got aim like a mack truck guess how many fingers okay guess how many more i can fit there guess right get the toaster but you know, miss, guessing gets you nowhere yes i can do everything you need from out of my new SUV all my work is guaranteed to last the length of your recovery put away those pliers honey trust me 'cause i know the options how about a nine-month long vacation and a two-foot coffin i've been getting up close and intimate some close calls but i'm getting into it in some states they say you can burn for it but i'll burn that bridge when i get to it it's not a bad thing to get professional it's got a nice ring mandy goes to med school i've been taking tips from the government i've been getting damn good at hiding it fifty bucks a month ought to cover it two down now but who's gonna notice it?

"Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding..." - Francis P. sender- we're pleased to inform you that your applications been accepted starting from the time you get this letter your life will be one never-ending "hope you're feeling better" you get your choice of an aesthetic we'll need to chop your clock off (tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock) it might not be what you expected there is no money back once you've been ripped off today's a very special day the boys'll murder for it but what will the neighbors say it leaves you feeling pretty hollow it might be nice to look at don't forget you're stuck with it tomorrow (and tomorrow, and tomorrow.....) you're big enough to stop pretending you'll start to really show within a week or so so don't go saying it's just come to your attention you'll get more than you're asking for without the right protection today's a very special day and how you'd love to have a little thing with which to play but love won't get you very far today be still your beating heart you'll have to keep on feeding it tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow boys will be boys will be boys will be boys will be boys will be girls with no warning girls will be girls will be guys will be boys that don't cry over toys that they use to beat girls they despise by the morning they always said that sex would change you... and if you show up and i am unavailable my partner brian would love to take care of you he is a nice man thoroughly reliable he's in a rock band and he goes to med school.....

But when someone does come up with something that is truly fresh, he/she deserves applause -- and there is plenty of freshness on this self-titled CD by the Dresden Dolls, a Boston-based duo that successfully blends alternative pop/rock with German cabaret.

Lead singer Amanda Palmer brings an unlikely combination of influences to this release, and they range from Kurt Weill and Marlene Dietrich to goth rock, punk, and the riot grrrl movement.

With songs reminiscent of Kurt Weill infused with the rock n’ roll energy of Patti Smith, Nick Cave and The Violent Femmes, this Boston-based duo’s home lies somewhere between a Weimar-era cabaret and CBGB’s.

Just as their name suggests both the utter devastation of a firebombed German city and the delicate femininity and innocence of a porcelain figure, The Dolls’ sound ranges from seductive whisper to a full-on assault.

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To encourage the audience to adopt a more critical attitude to what was happening on stage, Brecht developed his “alienation effect” – i.e., the use of anti-illusive techniques to remind the spectators that they are in the theater watching an enactment of reality instead of reality itself . you're an unrescuable schizo or else you're on the rag if you take him back i'm gonna lose my nerve i never met a more impossible girl.... at four o'clock he got off and you called up "i'm at denny's on route one and you won't guess what he's done" is that a fact delilah? failure has made you so cruel so don't tell me what to write and don't tell me that I'm wrong and don't tell me not to reference my songs within my songs you backstabber! " i'm taking down the number of the times so when we get the sign from god i'll be the first to call them i'm taking back the number of the beast 'cause 6 is not a pretty number 8 or 3 are definitely better a is for the address on the letter to my alcholic friends i'm trying hard not to be ashamed not to know the name of who is waking up beside me or the date, the season or the city but at least the ceiling's very pretty and if you are holding it against me i'll be on my best behavior taking shots for mother nature once my fist is in the cupboard love is never falling over should i choose a noble occupation if i did i'd only show up late and sick and they would stare at me with hatred plus my only natural talent's wasted on my alcoholic friends my alcoholic friends there's no end to the love you can give when you change your point of view to underfoot very good you may be flat but you're breathing and there's no doubt he's at home in his room probably watching porn of you from the fall it's last call and you're the last one leaving and you thought you could change the world by opening your legs well it isn't very hard try kicking them instead and you thought you could change his mind by changing your perfume to the kind his mother wore o god delilah why? in this same bar where you slammed down your hand and said "amanda, i'm in love" no you're not you're just a sucker for the ones who use you and it doesn't matter what i say or do the stupid bastard's gonna have his way with you...And much to their credit, the Dresden Dolls make their unorthodox alt-rock/cabaret blend sound perfectly natural rather than forced.This CD is enthusiastically recommended to anyone who is seeking something fresh from alternative pop/rock.

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The icon is disguised as “My Utilities,” so no one will ever guess there are private photos tucked away in your phone.

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In fact, I know a lot of people burn up copious amounts of brain energy trying to ‘work out’ the other person What are they thinking? If it were me and I did that, I think it would mean X.

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Once you've created an online profile, you can search, browse and view thousands of online personals of other members.

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The extensive collection consists of cemetery, census, church, and court records; also correspondence, diaries, wills and estate papers, genealogical data, land records, maps, marriage records, memoirs, numerous obituaries, photographs, scrapbooks, sketches, tax records, and other papers pertaining to the settlement and growth of Hancock County.