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If Kim Kardashian made the Internet explode with her ass photo ... Chelsea posed sans oil, and as far as we can see it's not Photoshopped ... Handler is making her body parts a name for themselves ...

she went to war with Instagram last month after they took down her topless photo mocking Vladimir Putin. Chelsea's going in on IG again -- she just REposted her topless Putin shot with a caption questioning why the app is cool with shots of Kim K's bare ass (and Chelsea's too) ...

Based on their flirty actions, did Handler and Flay really hit it off? , Handler failed to name who she is going out on a date with and left it open to discussion.

However, Handler did offer up a few clues to her mystery date. You’d know him.” Her comments indicated that her date was with a celebrity though admittedly that could include any number of men in Hollywood.

For a man of such diminutive stature, Chuy Bravo’s rise to the forefront of American consciousness has been laced with a pile of tall tales. as a teenager, had a hard time finding work and fitting in,” Bravo tells the Daily News.

Bravo — late-night talk show goddess Chelsea Handler’s pint-sized pal — has a bio that claims he entered showbiz after wandering onto the Mexican set of “The Three Amigos” and being bitten by the Hollywood bug (as well as a tarantula). It also contrasts with the courage and“nice guys finish first” drama that marked Mexican-born Jesus Malgoza’s rise to stardom. He struggled with alcohol, which led to a 16-month stint in the clink for DUI in the early ’90s.

Chelsea Handler net worth and salary: Chelsea Handler is an American stand-up comedian, actress, author, and late night cable talk show host who has a net worth of million dollars.

“It looked like a date,” the source told the outlet.

Chuy Bravo net worth: Chuy Bravo is an American talk-show icon who has a net worth of .5 million and salary of 0 thousand per year.

Chuy Bravo has earned his net worth as the little man (literally) who is the side-kick of comedian/talk show host Chelsea Handler.

" Actually, he seems to get a charge out of being anywhere.

He recently dipped his toe in the reality pool on ABC’s celebrity diving show, “Splash,” and promptly broke his foot.

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Meeting interesting new people to date can be hard in today’s America – even when your requirements are broad.

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Phoenix police detectives are working on three other cases they think may be related to Wright. The Glendale and Phoenix Police Departments encourage anyone that might have information on unreported crimes involving David Wright to contact police.

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How does a man help his young wife reclaim her dignity when she is suffering from cancer?

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If you can submit 3 pics, that would be good, so we can have plenty of content for the game. After uploading it, copy the resulting link, then paste it in a PM to me.

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For you, I will be: acquiescent, amenable, at your beck and call, attentive, biddable, complaisant, compliant, controllable, deferential, devoted, docile, docious, duteous, dutiful, faithful, governable, honoring, in your clutches, in your pocket, under yo... Occasional RP, more into cyber, enjoy pic exchange with cyber. You can also find me on Google Hangouts at svendrick88 at gmail dot com, or on Skype at svendrick88 at gmail d...