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Please be aware that you must not upgrade GLIBC, or you may break your system.

I downloaded the latest version and I did the following: I am using windows7 64 bit and GCC 5.1.

common.mkdir ..\..\..\libs\timer\build\stage common.mkdir boost common.mkdir boost\bin.v2 common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\timer common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\timer\build common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\timer\build\msvc-10.0 common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\timer\build\msvc-10.0\debug common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\system common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\system\build common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\system\build\msvc-10.0 common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\system\build\msvc-10.0\debug compile-c-c boost\bin.v2\libs\system\build\msvc-10.0\debug\error_File not found error_C:\C \boost_1_55_0\boost/config/select_stdlib_config.hpp( 18) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'cstddef': No such file or di rectory call "C:\C \Visual Studio 10.0\vc\vcvarsall.bat" x86 error_co ..

compile-c-c boost\bin.v2\libs\chrono\build\msvc-10.0\debug\thread_File not found thread_C:\C \boost_1_55_0\boost/config/select_stdlib_config.hpp( 18) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'cstddef': No such file or di rectory call "C:\C \Visual Studio 10.0\vc\vcvarsall.bat" x86 nul cl /Zm800 -nologo @"boost\bin.v2\libs\chrono\build\msvc-10.0\debug\thread_clock.

Lastly, I ran: b2 --build-dir=C:\boost-filesystem toolset=gcc --with-filesystem stage The output: ...found 8 targets... common.mkdir C:\boost-filesystem\boost common.mkdir C:\boost-filesystem\boost\architecture common.mkdir C:\boost-filesystem\boost\architecture\gcc-mingw-5.1.0 common.mkdir C:\boost-filesystem\boost\architecture\gcc-mingw-5.1.0\debug gcc.compile.c C:\boost-filesystem\boost\architecture\gcc-mingw-5.1.0\debug.

o libs\config\checks\architecture.cpp:: error: size of array 'test' is negative int test[sizeof(void*) == 4? Performing configuration checks - 32-bit : no ...found 2 targets... gcc.compile.c C:\boost-filesystem\boost\architecture\gcc-mingw-5.1.0\debug.

Could you please add some details to your question, ie is this Redhat Enterprise Linux and at least some versions. As you can see in the Primary Compiler List, there is no GCC 4.1.2.

gcc.compile.c C:\boost-filesystem\boost\architecture\gcc-mingw-5.1.0\debug\spa rc.o libs\config\checks\architecture\sparc.cpp:10:2: error: #error "Not SPARC" #error "Not SPARC" ^ "g " -ftemplate-depth-128 -O0 -fno-inline -Wall -g -c -o "C:\boost-fil esystem\boost\architecture\gcc-mingw-5.1.0\debug\sparc.o" "libs\config\checks\ar chitecture\sparc.cpp" ...failed gcc.compile.c C:\boost-filesystem\boost\architecture\gcc-mingw-5.1.0 \debug\sparc.o...

Sometimes the Boost development team accidentally breaks the PC stuff.

You might just wait a few days to see if they fix it.

Otherwise you'll have to dig through the build files to figure out where the error is, and that is not a happy chore. Sometimes I got error (repetitively): Running is not name of inner onr outer command (translated).

These instructions will help you install the Boost C libraries on a Unix-like system.

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